December 20, 2016


by Star Building Systems


The feeling that surrounds the holidays is always one of warmth and comfort. It’s a time to slow the pace a bit, settle into the familiarity of traditions, and celebrate family – whether family means relatives, friends, or just familiar faces. For all of us at Star, family means the builders with whom we share our days. We may be thousands of miles apart, but we spend our days working together on highly successful projects to find the most effective and efficient design solutions, solve project challenges, be the leaders in our industry, and build mutual success in every way.

So we propose a toast: a toast to you, our builder family. From now to the end of the year, we’ll be featuring some of you and your businesses as our way of giving thanks for you.

G&W Builders

Brea, CA

“All under one roof”. It’s an expression often associated with a business or service that meets more than a single need; one that offers the benefits of streamlining the process and saving you time and – usually – money.

In the construction business, “all under one roof” could take on a literal meaning; describing a building with an exceptionally impressive list of amenities.

In this case, both references apply. In the 32 years since G&W Builders opened their doors, they’ve earned a reputation for going well beyond the scope of the job to give customers a finished product that exceeds their expectations. At the same time, they offer customers the benefit of holding both an A and a B license, allowing them to provide customers with both general contracting and engineering expertise.

It’s a unique combination of services in the building industry, coupled with a proven history of delivering well beyond the minimum – and it’s a business model their customers have grown to appreciate.

“We have around 85% repeat customers,” explains G&W estimator, Bill Greer; “regardless of how much or how little we are involved in a project, we make ourselves available to the owners, the subcontractors, and anyone on the job to help plan the best strategy for completion.”

“Additionally, having an in-house engineer who understands metal buildings and efficient foundation design gives us a competitive edge on pricing and allows us to respond to issues in the field much quicker than an MBMA contractor who relies on outside engineers”, says Bill.

G&W has been a Star Builder for 27 of their 32 years – a choice Bill’s dad, Mike Greer, made for two primary reasons: SBS was one of the best pricing software tools in the industry and Star’s customer service was incomparable. Today, Bill says those qualities are still among the top reasons the relationship remains strong: “SBS continues to be a powerful pricing tool that can be used for much more than pricing generic box structures”, he explains, “and Star’s customer service and accountability are outstanding. They’re the only company that makes us feel like we are in this together.”

Because of G&W Builders’ unique business model, many of their projects present unique challenges. “Our jobs are not always cookie cutter – and Star has proven themselves a trusted partner in helping us address unique issues or suggesting more economical solutions to a problem”; says Bill, “they do an extremely wonderful job in taking complex engineering jobs and making them work with affordable steel prices.”

At Star Building Systems, we like to think we offer a lot more under one roof, too. Because for every customer like G&W, there are thousands of opportunities for us to do a lot more than sell a product. We are here to build relationships that endure from the first generation to the next, follow through on even the smallest of commitments, think through complex challenges, and provide the kind of customer service that isn’t just the name of a department – it’s the name of the person who’s answered your calls for 27 years.

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