Metal Building Framing Systems

Metal building framing systems provide an ideal alternative to conventional construction solutions, with more benefits and greater flexibility to meet your project needs and cut time off your construction schedule. Star engineers and fabricates a wide range of steel building framing, which vary in shape, size and function yet offer singularly exceptional performance to withstand the long-term effects of the elements. Our custom-designed framing systems provide diverse options for purlins, rafters, bridging and end-frame connections and are compatible with multiple wall and roof systems.

Primary Framing

Primary frames span the width of a building and are designed for full bay loading. Our primary steel building framing includes interior building frames, building end frames (rafters, corner posts and end posts), building bracing and crane systems.

Secondary Framing

Star’s secondary structural metal building framing systems include purlins, girts, eave struts, base members, flange bracing, gable angles, clips and more. These essential components support roof and wall coverings, carry exterior loads and can be formed to fit specific project requirements.

Building Bracing

Each project is engineered to withstand specific wind or seismic load requirements using components from our extensive bracing system allowing for diaphragm bracing, cable bracing, rod bracing or portal frames.

Hypersteel™ Buildings

When it comes to fast, durable, and cost-effective simple metal buildings, Hypersteel cold-formed buildings offer the ultimate in speed and ease.

Simplisteel™ Buildings

With Simplisteel rigid-frame buildings, you get all the advantages of a rigid-frame metal building without added complexity.

Long Bay System

Star’s patented Long Bay® System (LBS) is the ideal solution for projects requiring large areas of space with an open floor design, delivering uninterrupted space while allowing for ample architectural design flexibility.

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