Star offers a wide range of building products and solutions to meet your unique metal office building needs. With an array of exterior panel types, finishes and colors we accommodate incredible design flexibility. We custom engineer our buildings to fit your functional and design needs. Integrate glass, stone or masonry into your design to create an attractive and efficient steel office building that will last years to come.

Create a safe and inspiring space for your employees by choosing metal for your next office building. The durability of steel makes metal office buildings virtually maintenance-free and resistant to weather, fire and pest damage. Metal framing allows for flexibility of your building’s interior space and can allow for inventory, storage spaces, open office plans and other employee spaces.

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Types of Metal Office Buildings

Our custom engineered office buildings are attractive, functional and cost-effective. Eye-catching design options are possible with Star's broad collection of exterior veneers, finishes and colors. Each Star metal office building system is individually engineered and designed to meet all requirements and local building codes. Quick construction times and long-term low maintenance equals unparalleled savings.

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  • Maintenance
  • Government
  • Small Business

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