April 4, 2019


by Star Building Systems


We are proud to announce Star’s 2018 Master Builder Award Winners! The quality of submissions continues to raise the bar for this competition and we are thrilled to see such design and innovation within our industry. Congratulations to all of our category and district winners!

Best of Agricultural

Kinley Corp. of New York built this 36,000 ft. indoor equestrian center for Houghton College. The project has a Charcoal Grey BattenLok roof and Rustic Red PBR walls.  The owner was looking for a cost effective way to enclose the existing outdoor riding arena while keeping with the traditional “farm” look of existing buildings. The project also includes a classroom, concession stand, mechanical room and changing rooms.

Best of Auto Dealership

Mitchell Construction Contractors, Inc. won this category with their building for Van Bortel Subaru – Henrietta. The front façade utilized structural support framing from Star that accepted metal stud framing, field built Structural Insulated panels and ACM panels. CFS panels were used on the rest of the building.  A 4’ tall masonry wall that jogged up to 9’-4” in some areas surrounds the majority of the building.

Best of Builder Office

Mitchel Construction Contractors incorporated a 43’ x 90’, 4,000 sq. ft. addition to an existing metal building. The project utilized a Double-Lok roof system and AVP and split face masonry on the walls. The addition, which is perpendicular to the existing structure, created a complex roofing intersection.

Best of Large Church

Engineered Structures, Inc. built a 27,000 sq. ft. sanctuary for the St. Clare of Assisi Catholic Church.  The project has a Brownstone Double-Lok roof in 22 gauge. The walls are exterior metal stud with dryvit. A backset partition wall supported by the PEMB with full soffit provides an appealing covered entry for the building.

Best of Small Church

Reliance Church is a metal building sanctuary that connects to a wood frame structure that serves as an entry and common area. This striking project by G&W Builders utilized Medium Bronze BattenLok on the roof of both buildings.  Reclaimed wood was used on the walls. Exposed structural frames add to the rustic appearance of the building.

Best of Large Commercial

Winter Construction, Inc. created this striking 157,000 sq. ft. structure for Halo Branded Solutions. The project used Double-Lok on the roof and Light Mesa on the walls in both Charcoal Gray and Polar White. The office portion of the building integrated metal frames and Longbay purlins with a traditional deck and membrane roof and specialty metal products were used to accent the office entrances.  Winter Construction, Inc. also received the Best of the Wisconsin District Award for this project, as well as the most prestigious Master Builder of the Year Award for 2018.

Best of Small Commercial

Rosser Enterprises, Inc. developed a unique grocery and café for Orv’s Farm Market. The 78’ x 53’ structure totals just over 4,000 sq. ft. and is covered in SuperLok.  LP Smart Siding with Smart Trim was used on three walls to provide a “country” look. Endwall D is covered with Scarlet Red PBR. The room on Sidewall C houses a 1956 Ford truck that the owner’s father used in his local farming. Rosser Enterprises, Inc. was also presented with the Best of the Northern Pacific District Award for this project.

Best of Drone

Charles Scicli and Associates constructed the exclusive Graham Man Cave that included a 6000 sq. ft. addition to an existing 4,900 sq. ft. Star building.  Frames in the existing building were converted to clear-span. The entire project was covered with a CFR roof and Mesa walls. The building includes a large open storage area, a bar area and a condo.

Best of Government – TIE

Our first winner is Conger Construction Group for the attractive 8,000 sq. ft. Goshen Township Fire Station. The two building project used Hawaiian Blue BattenLok on the roof and PBR on the walls. A cultured stone wainscot veneer was utilized on sidewall A. A high low condition exists at the intersection of the two buildings. Conger Construction Group was also presented with the Best of the Indianapolis District Award for this project.

Best of Government – TIE

Our second winner is Engineered Structures, Inc. for the 23,000 sq. ft. Fannin County Public Safety Building. The project utilized both BattenLok and Double-Lok on the roof and PBR on the walls. The PEMB caps over an interior “bunker” for the 911 center which is designed to withstand tornadoes.  The bunker was constructed of conventional bar joists spanning over 12” block walls. Engineered Structures, Inc. was also presented with the Best of the Atlanta District Award for this project.

Best of Hangar

Smet Construction Services Corp. built this 38,000 sq. ft. hangar building for GBP Private Hangar. The entire building is clad with Metl-Span insulated horizontal panels including CF Architectural and Light Mesa.  Double-Lok roof was used on the hangar. Conventional roofing was used on adjacent structures.  The hangar included a 198’ x 28’ framed opening for the Norco bottom-rolling door. Smet Construction Services Corp. was also presented with the Best of the Wisconsin District Award for this project as well as the most prestigious Master Builder of the Year Award for 2018.

Best of Health Related

Holloway Construction, Inc. developed this striking dental office for The Dr. Riemer Dental Group. The project utilized a TPO roof.  Metal stud framing, Denshield, 3-coat lath and plaster with Dryvit finish were combined on the walls. A radius entry with canopy beautifully accents the building entry.

Best of Maintenance

Wanta & Son, Inc. developed this attractive maintenance shop for Intercon Construction – Weston. The two-building structure totals over 10,000 sq. ft. and is covered with Double-Lok roof. PBR with hat channel applied to the high ribs was used as backing for the flat panel on the walls, along with masonry. 3’ overhangs surround the entire main building and various architectural treatments accent the office.

Best of Large Manufacturing

Building Associates, Inc. developed this 15,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility for AB Biotechnologies, Inc. The 87’ x 172’ project utilized Metl-Span CFR on the roof and Mesa in Smoke Gray on the walls. An aluminum panel and limestone masonry were used to accent the front façade. A 5,800 sq. ft. mezzanine not by Star provides second floor office space.

Best of Small Manufacturing

Hartman Construction & Equipment, Inc. developed this beautiful three-story 17,000 sq. ft. brewery for King Street Brewery. The project utilized an EPDM roof with tapered insulation and 4” Mesa IMP walls in Snow White and Tundra.  A Star mezzanine provides multi-level space for the boiler room, office and brewery.  An add on metal overlay accents the sides of the building.  Canopies and horizontal panels add an architectural flair to the front façade. Hartman Construction & Equipment, Inc. was also presented with the Best of the Northwest Territory District Award for the project.

Best of Multi-Story

Hartman Construction & Equipment, Inc. built this 50’ x 120’ office / warehouse for E P Roofing which includes a Star mezzanine for the second floor space.  The roof is EPDM with tapered insulation and the walls are 3” Mesa. A 4’ decorative concrete wainscot wall-accents the building beautifully.

Best of Recreational

Schlosser Steel Buildings, Inc. built this unique 15,000 sq. ft. recreation facility for Spruce Lake Youth Activity Center. The 80’ x 186’ clear span structure utilized Classic Green Double-Lok on the roof and Medium Bronze AVP on the walls. The Building features four 12’ x10’ overhead doors.  A cabin look was created with wood framed porches and stone accents.  Re-purposed wood paneling inside at the stage area continues the cabin feel. Schlosser Steel Buildings, Inc. was also presented with the Best of the Big East District Award for this project.

Best of Retrofit

Lantz Construction Company completed this impressive hangar retrofit and addition for Valley Proteins Hangar.  Renovations included replacing original DuraRib roof and walls with 2.5” CFR on the roof and 2.5” Mesa on the walls. The same panels were used on the addition, which provides needed space for offices, lounge and a galley. A new frame was added to support a new Norco 120’ x 24’ bottom-rolling, unidirectional five-panel hangar door.

Best of Roofing

Sargent Construction Company built this 51,000 sq. ft. PBR re-roof project for Gilster May Lee. The 1989 Star building was originally used as a warehouse.  A change was made to cereal manufacturing and the high humidity resulted in deterioration of the insulation facing. Roof replacement took place while the owner occupied the building.  Adjacent structures resulted in limited access.

Best of School

Daniels and Daniels Construction Company, Inc. developed this 48,000 sq. ft. K-12 public school for Arapahoe Charter School. The project consists of 12 separate buildings in a complex arrangement, all connected to one another. Several buildings utilized a pyramid shaped hip roof. 16” wide BattenLok HS covers the roof. Brick veneer to 9’-4” surrounds the media center, administration area and the cafeteria with PBR panels above to the eave. Classroom wings utilized reverse-roll PBR and PBR.

Best of Self Storage

CopperRock Construction, Inc. designed this three level self-storage project for Clancy Mini Storage Depot. The building utilized Star mezzanines to create three different levels of storage.  Double-Lok was used on the roof. Two colors of Metl-Span 2” Mesa insulated panels were used on the walls and are accented with masonry and glass. Aluminum awnings complete the structure. CopperRock Construction, Inc. also received the Best of the Great Lakes District Award for this project.

Best of Shopping Center

Maverick Builders, Inc. took the prize for Rita’s, a 5600 sq. ft. strip center. The 94’ x 60’ project utilized a membrane roof system and Polar White AVP on the walls. EIFS and a stone system were used to provide added curb appeal. Conventional framing was used to create a parapet wall and provide architectural depth changes in the front façade.

Best of Standard Building

Fraser Valley Steel Buildings, LTD is the winner for this 65’ x 90’ storage building for Western Canoe and Kayak. The building has a PBR roof and Rustic Red PBR walls while contrasting white trim accents the structure.

Best of Large Warehouse

G & W Builders built this striking warehouse facility for P. Kay Metal. Two 100’ x 450’ warehouses with a small lean-to total 91,000 sq. ft. The project stands out with Coal Black PBR on both the roof and walls. Conventional construction was used at the front of building one to achieve an architectural look for the office area. 84 windows accent the building and provide ample natural light. G & W Builders was also presented with the Best of the Southern Pacific District Award for this project.

Best of Small Warehouse

Youngquist Brothers, Inc. built Gulfcoast Industrial Campus Building 1, a beautiful 45,000 sq ft. warehouse/storage facility. The project has a Double-Lok roof and PBR walls in Almond and Hunter Green. Five slimline below eave canopies with PBR soffit project 4 foot and accent the front of the building. Interior build-out included a two-hour firewall. Youngquist Brothers, Inc. was also presented with the Best of the Florida District Award for this project.

Best of the Atlantic Coast District

Talon Construction, Inc. built this eye-catching entertainment venue for The Farm at 42.  The 17,000 sq. ft. structure is made up of 5 buildings.  Classic Green Ultra-Dek panel was used on the roof.  The walls are made up of AVP, ShadowRib, cement board siding and stone veneer wainscot.  Rough cut pine siding provides a nice accent. The facility contains two separate banquet areas and includes a large outdoor wedding area and covered dining/lounge area.

Best of the South Florida/Caribbean District

Caribbean Structural Systems created this beautiful fitness center for The Club.  The project is clad in 4” embossed Santa Fe panel installed both vertically and horizontally. The roof system is membrane over poured 4” concrete over B deck.  The roof is designed for current use and for future vertical expansion.  A Star mezzanine was used for the second floor space.

Best of the Northeast District

Forish Construction, Inc. created this 16,000 sq. ft. Ford dealership for Marcotte Ford. The project replaced an existing showroom and utilized LS-36 and 7.2 Insulrib on the walls. 60 mil TPO membrane was used on the roof ACM panels were used on the front façade to meet Ford requirements. A Star mezzanine provides second floor office space.  The existing service building remained and was retrofitted to match the new building.

Best of the Pittsburgh District

Star, Inc. built this impressive 190,000 sq. ft. warehouse for Ohio Logistics. The project has a Double-Lok roof and PBR walls.  Masonry was used to 8’ -8” at the office and also around the perimeter of the building. Aligning the warehouse for railroad access required rotation of the building to square to railroad tracks.  The project was constructed utilizing Longbay bar joists to minimize the number of interior columns.

Best of the St. Louis District

jdsnodgrass, LLC created this 25,000 sq. ft. Ford auto dealership for Moberly Motors.  The project utilized Double-Lok on the roof.  Ford’s front façade was conventionally framed and covered in ACM panels. Insulated masonry block and AVP were used on the remaining walls.  The new dealership building replaced the previous 60’s building that was also a Star Building.


Best of the Heartland District – TIE

Landmark Builders, a Division of Redlin Co., Inc., developed this two-building, 19,000 sq. ft. office/maintenance/storage facility for Carstensen Contracting.  The project used PBR in Bright Red and Solar White on the roof and walls. Overhangs, canopies and the wainscot treatment add interest to the project

Best of the Heartland District – TIE

Northstar Steel, Inc. created this 80 x 160, 12,800 sq. ft. warehouse for Butz Shop Condos. The project used SuperLok on the roof and Nichiha fiber cement panels on the walls. A multi-level parapet wall was used on three sides of the building. Large Calwall light transmitting openings were used in 3 walls. An interior partition wall by Star was used to create 3 separate spaces for storage use.

Best of the Midwest District

Ross Construction Group, LLC developed this 130,000 sq. ft. warehouse for Garton Lot 2. The project utilized Double-Lok on the roof. Walls on three sides are Charcoal Gray Mesa IMP wainscot to 20 foot with Polar White AVP above. The structure was designed for future expansion. Due to the long single slope roof, an expansion step was used in the roof to help with building movement. 5’-6” LTP’s add light to the warehouse.

Best of the Oklahoma District

B&B Welding, Inc. built this addition to a 5,700 sq. ft. Star building that was completed two years prior for Crossing Church. The addition utilized PBR on the roof and walls to match the existing structure. The addition required redesign of the original building to handle the load.  The 4,000 sq. ft. addition ties in seamlessly to beautifully expand the church.

Best of the North Texas District

ACI Enterprises created this 6,000 sq. ft. banking facility for AIM Bank. The Building utilized a Double-Lok roof. A 2’ parapet wall conceals the roof panels. Radius square tubing was used to construct the arched canopies on the front façade as well as the drive thru cover and the radius front entry to the building.

Best of the Southwest District

Image Building Systems built this 33,000 sq. ft. hospitality building for PIR Corp.  The project has a Double-Lok roof.  Walls are T-10 B by Metal Sales. Two reverse slope canopies, exterior soffit and  hot dip galvanized exterior steel provide interesting accents to the building. Open concept design provides easy indoor/outdoor flow.

Best of the Inter-Mountain District

Sievert Construction developed this 104’ x 111’ hangar for Rocky Mountain Rotors . The hangar is for helicopter storage and maintenance.  The project used Double-Lok on the roof and PBR on the walls. The office is a combination of pre-engineered steel frames and conventional framing.



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