November 23, 2016


by Star Building Systems


The feeling that surrounds Thanksgiving is always one of warmth and comfort. It’s a time to slow the pace a bit, settle into the familiarity of traditions, and celebrate family – whether family means relatives, friends, or just familiar faces. For all of us at Star, family means the builders with whom we share our days. We may be thousands of miles apart, but we spend our days working together to solve problems, find solutions, be the leaders in our industry, and build mutual success in every way.

So we propose a toast: a toast to you, our builder family. From now to the end of the year, we’ll be featuring some of you and your businesses as our way of giving thanks for you.

Morelock-Ross Group

Springfield, MO

It all started with two things that happened in November of 1982: Wayne Morelock and Kenny Ross partnered together to form Morelock-Ross, and on their first day of business, they became Star builders.

Those two things set into motion a history of longevity and consistency that continues to define Morelock-Ross nearly 35 years later. The retail owner to whom they sold their first Star building, in early 1983, remains a loyal client today. Likewise, their relationship with Star Buildings has remained solidly in place.

The decision to join the Star family was inspired by a meeting with Star district manager, Bill Stanhope, who discussed with Wayne and Kenny the market potential for selling design-build projects rather than trying to compete in the open bid market. They put their trust in Star to be the partner that would provide the support and quality product they needed to compete.

Nearly 35 years later, more than half of their business’ volume is from repeat clients.

According to Morelock-Ross executive Andy Ross, the Star Building Systems process plays a part in helping them achieve that high level of customer retention. “We often do several rounds of budgeting before an order is placed, and the Star Builder pricing system allows us to update the building without having to send it off for estimating each time. So we save time and are able to have the building dialed in before we get to the point of ordering;” says Andy. Additionally, their long-time personal relationships with Jerry Weber and Terry Elam give them the personal interaction with people who understand their business’ preferences and standards. “Their familiarity with us helps them know our tendencies and how to get things ordered the way we like them.”

Morelock-Ross’ clients stay with them because they deliver a quality product on time and on budget. At Star, we’re proud to do our part to help make that happen. “Timely quotes and a wide selection of products and building options are a big advantage to us;” says Andy, “Star has always done a great job of working with us to get the pricing of the building where we need it to sell the job.”

The Morelock-Ross quality is now a part of the southwest Missouri landscape, where their team has been the creativity and ingenuity behind more than 300 commercial buildings and specialty structures. For more information about Morelock-Ross, visit

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