September 7, 2019


by Star Building Systems


The construction industry may not be the first category that comes to mind when searching for fun facts for your next trivia night, but in the interest of having a little fun, here’s a little trivia for you: a million pounds of steel is roughly equal to the weight of 40 school buses. And 187,000 square feet is roughly the equivalent of three and a half White Houses. Lastly, JEBCO Construction in Prescott, Arizona sold and built roughly the equivalent of those numbers in 2018 alone. Nothing trivial about that!

JEBCO is a construction company and Star Builder with a primary focus on the northern Arizona region. The company was founded in 2002 by Jeb Johnson and his wife, Jamie. In 2018, their company was ranked #1 in the Southwest and among the top ten in the nation in metal building suppliers, with one of their buildings – a 22,500-square-foot commercial facility in Prescott Valley, AZ – earning them the Star Building Systems Master Builder Award in 2016.

Johnson’s company portfolio has included wood frame and metal frame buildings, masonry and most types of general contract construction since its inception, but the focus on metal building construction really began to sharpen around 2012, when JEBCO was hired by a local school to erect the metal building they had purchased from Star Building Systems. “We had zero problems erecting the building and even afterwards, to this day, I’ve had zero callbacks, no roof leaks, or anything like that;” Johnson says, “So it just stuck with me and when it was time to decide which metal building company to go with, Star was the one I remembered.”

It’s a decision he’s been happy he made because it keeps his customers happy with him: “What I like about Star is they stick to their time frame … so I know I can tell my customer what to expect and then when I deliver the product in a timely manner, it satisfies them and me.” Johnson also appreciates that when complications do arise, the response is quick. “If I have an issue or anything, it’s a phone call away and they seem to jump on dealing with it right and away and getting me what I need. And that’s from the district manager all the way up to the VP of sales.”

For those in the industry who have followed the trend into metal building construction, the many unique advantages reveal themselves rather quickly: faster build times, more flexibility on interior customization due to larger interior spans, low maintenance and upkeep costs, greater energy efficiency, long-term durability, and more. Additionally, metal buildings now give contractors the ability to offer their customers maximum flexibility in customization, with exterior finishes and accessories that can accommodate any design vision – from modern and sleek to industrial buildings that blend in with existing surrounding structures. “Metal buildings now offer design elements once only available in the custom build realm”; says Johnson, “Our commercial Star project in Prescott Valley is a great example of that. The building is beautiful, with custom trim and other elements you wouldn’t expect.”

Doing the unexpected is just what we’re all about here at Star: delivering more than the standard in service, standing behind every product we sell, and simply taking the time to build relationships on a first-name basis, not an invoice number. And JEBCO, we’re happy to have builders like you – exceeding expectations of your own on every level – as part of the team.

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